Roonak Faraji (1983, Kurdistan of Iran) has done a bachelor in English translation. Roonak is a poet and translator. She has published two books. Roonak also works with Famous Director "Bahman Ghobadi" in the field of music, lyrics and story for children since last year.

Exhibition, ‘DeDutched’ (2017) by Hiwa K at De Appel

9 December, 14:00 – 16:00
Discover together with Roonak Faraji and Farzad Saifikaran the exhibition of Hiwa K. Roonak Faraji is a Kurdish writer and poet, Farzad Saifikaran is a photographer. Through their personal poems and photo’s they will engage with the different theme’s of the exhibition and create different moments to experience the artworks presented at De Appel.

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Roonak’s website for Kurd Children

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Children of the Sun

Children of the Sun project on Soundcloud. Children of the Sun is a newly launched project by Mij-Film (the company of renowned Kurdish film director Bahman Qubadi), aims to serve Kurdish children by producing stories, poems and music, specifically for children.

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Podcast SBS Kurdish

Roonak Faraji about the objectives of Children of the Sun project and how they have come to put it together as well as their products so far.

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