HS. Barre (38) was a bilingual journalist on TV and radio stations in her country of origin Kenya. She worked at the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC), Nation Media Group and Radio Salaam. HS is a Kenyan-Somali journalist and writer now living in the Netherlands with a keen interest in stories on women, children, world politics and human rights.

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Article De Groene Amsterdammer

4 years after moving to the Netherlands, HS Barre has just published an investigative piece on De Groene Amsterdammer in collaboration with ONfile member and established writer Manja Ressler. The article attracted political debates in Dutch parliament. They are working on their 2nd and 3rd publications on the same subject.

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A few reviews from clients

“Very good articles. Very professional and I'll like to work with you again.” ~ Yebbo, on diverse Articles on African women for Nzuri magazine USA.

“ is great working with Halima. She is very professional,” ~ Maimouna Gbor on entertainment articles for Stream African magazine, USA.


Since moving to the Netherlands, HS. Barre writes and reads poetry in various spoken word scenes in and around Amsterdam talking about various issues including women’s rights, domestic violence, highly sensitive people among other societal ills.

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Spoken word performance

Uncia at Rough Night Arts Lab 2.0

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Spoken word performance

Uncia II for Word Up Amsterdam

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