Christopher Opaka (Uganda) is a journalist. ‘For no apparent reason other than my mother’s affliction with birth, I continue to identify as Sudanese; then Ugandan, South Sudanese third and I am now a newcomer in the Netherlands. I am a journalist who many identify as a coward because I made a conscious decision to leave my country at a time when space for all other freedoms was non-existent. I am rebuilding a new life, maneuvering a new identity in an ever changing global community of human rights defenders.’

Dublin to The Gambia

“Dublin to (The) Gambia” has become so common that it is an infamous greeting among those at the AZC that come into conflict with the camp laws. In disgust, many respond to the COA officials that they would rather have their asylum redirected to a “Dublin to Gambia”.

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South Sudan is destroying its free press, one journalist at a time

I fled the country after frequent arrests and beatings because of the work I was doing. My colleagues have not all got away

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Work as a speaker

The Exodus Evenings

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World Refugee Day 2017

Paneldiscussie in Pakhuis de Zwijger


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